Set Oak Academy work for Year 7 can be found below


  • Google Classrooms – under classwork go to Medieval celebrations. Watch the clips and then carry out some research into different  MEDIEVAL celebrations (keep it medieval). Produce your own drawing of a medieval celebration. Write about the activities that are held at these celebrations.

Performing Arts



  • Please look in your google classroom feed where you will find the work to do. There will be an activity about careers that need maths and also some mymaths/mangahigh.


  • Please read or listen to chapters 12 and 13 of our novel, ‘War Horse’.  The PDF copy and my reading on YouTube are both available; whichever you prefer.
  • There are TWO tasks to choose from. The Comprehension is the harder option so if you need something more accessible then the QUIZ is for you. Most of you will be fine doing the comprehension and of course you can do both. See you all soon, Mrs Aylward

WB 04/01/21

WB 01/07/20


  • Swanmead Science, The Steam Engine Generator – Watch here


  • E-safety – Continue working through your E-safety unit of work; if you are in the middle of a task don’t continue it, start the next task.  Remember, you access this via Google Classroom – make sure that you log in using your account, not a personal account.
  • Knowing METALS: Watch the Metals video clip (ignore the Year 5 label) in preparation for your Wind Driven Thing project in the new year. Afterwards, on paper draw up a chart of the three families of metals (Ferrous/Non Ferrous/Alloys) and try to find examples on-line. Either download pictures or sketch examples. Don’t forget to label them.