Your child should be receiving regular amounts of homework. In KS3, the expectation is that the majority of subjects set 30-40 minutes of homework each week.

There is no homework timetable for KS3, as many staff choose to give project based homework lasting several weeks. In KS2, we like to set homework on the same day each week to support pupils in getting into routines. Please see the timetable below. The expectation at KS2 is that pupils will get 20-30 minutes of English, Maths and Science homework a week, with foundation subjects setting homework from time to time. Both Key Stages will also continue to get reading homework each week. The expectation is that all pupils read at least four times a week. Homework will be written in the child’s planner, along with the date that it is due. It is essential that children learn the importance of meeting deadlines and therefore, the class teacher will also write in the planner if homework is not done. Last week you should have received a letter outlining the consequences for failing to complete homework. Thank you for supporting your child to get their homework done.

The Sticker System

Please have a look at our new system for completing homework on time.


Homework Policy