The following page will provide information to pupils about; planner use, what equipment should I bring to lessons, and behaviour expectations.

Pupil Guidance for Planner Use

You must:
  • Take your Planner to all lessons.
  • Keep your Planner neat and tidy.
  • Write details of all homeworks set in the correct places.
  • Have your Planner ready for your tutor to check weekly.
  • Ask parents to check your homework and sign weekly.
  • Draw the attention of your parents to any messages from school.
  • Draw the attention of staff to any messages from home.

N.B. Loss of your Planner will incur replacement expense as it is an essential item of equipment. PLEASE LOOK AFTER IT.

What equipment should I bring to lessons?

Each Pupil should have the following:
  • Pen (fountain, roller ball, metal ball) not biro
  • Pencil H.B.
  • Set of pencil crayons not felt tips
  • Ruler 30 cm.
  • Rubber not Tippex and ink erasers
  • Pencil sharpener
  • A4 Wallet folder
  • Compass and Geometry Set
  • Desirable but not essential:
    • Year 5 and 6 basic calculator
    • Year 7 and 8 scientific calculator

All items should be clearly marked and kept in a named pencil case. Books and equipment issued to Pupils and used at school or at home must be carefully looked after:  damage or loss of school property will be the responsibility of the Pupil.

Carrying school equipment

Only books needed for a.m. or p.m. lessons should be carried, others should be left in trays or lockers.   Pupils should not carry heavy books and sports kit each day. For safety reasons we ask that bags are no larger than approximately 60 cms / 2 feet in length. PE kit should be carried in a separate bag.

Behaviour – GOOD Choices

We’re getting it right:
  • Praise and feedback
  • House points
  • Raffle tickets
  • Bronze / silver / gold / platinum certificates, letters home and vouchers
  • Head Teacher’s Commendations
  • Cups / shields / prizes
In some lessons we may also get:
  • Stickers & stamps, Micromerits, Classwide reward

Behaviour – POOR Choices

To get us back on track:
  • Formal Verbal warning
  • In-class consequence
  • Own time consequence

Five Ground Rules

  • Follow all adult instructions straight away
  • Say or do nothing that may harm another person or disrupt their learning
  • Move around quietly and arrive promptly and properly prepared for all activities
  • Listen to the person who is meant to be talking
  • Take care of materials, equipment and environment