“Feeling proud and confident about our learning.” Swanmead Community School aims to promote spiritual, social, creative, physical and academic opportunity for high achievement, excellent progress and lifelong learning.


As a learning community we demonstrate our commitment to working together by:

  • respecting and valuing ourselves and others
  • ensuring that everything we do is done to make a difference
  • supporting and encouraging one another
  • reflecting on our work and feeling good about it

The Learners: we will work with pupils to develop;

Successful learners who:

  • have the essential learning skills for life
  • display curiosity and are creative, resourceful and able to solve problems
  • communicate well in a variety of ways • understand how they learn and learn from their mistakes
  • are able to learn independently and with others
  • know about big ideas and events that shape the world
  • enjoy learning and are motivated to achieve
  • are flexible learners who are able to cope with change.

Confident individuals who:

  • have a sense of self-worth and believe in themselves
  • relate well to others
  • are self-aware and deal well with their emotions
  • have values and beliefs that are in keeping with the school values
  • are able to take the initiative and organise their own learning
  • make healthy lifestyle choices
  • are, within their personal circumstance, physically competent and confident
  • take managed risks and stay safe
  • recognise and celebrate their talents and have ambitions
  • are wiling to try new things and make the most of opportunities
  • are open to the excitement and inspiration offered by the natural world and human achievements.

Responsible citizens who:

  • are enterprising and well prepared for life and work
  • respect others and act with integrity
  • appreciate different cultures and traditions and understand their place in the world
  • challenge injustice, are committed to human rights and strive to live peaceably with others
  • respect and actively strive to maintain and improve the local environment and feel that they can change things for the better, nationally and globally

School Vision: Swanmead Community School will be;

An Outstanding School with:

  • effective teaching and learning that meets the needs of all learners and raises attainment
  • teaching that is consistently judged as outstanding
  • all pupils in all subjects making outstanding progress
  • an ethos that creates unlimited opportunities and experiences for young people and makes them feel safe

An institution that develops, nurtures and produces high quality working professionals with:

  • unrivalled professional development systems for all staff
  • outstanding classroom practitioners
  • dynamic subject leaders
  • future whole school leaders and Headteachers
  • multi skilled, highly qualified administrative staff and learning supporters

A school uniquely committed to developing and improving self esteem and child self concept through:

  • residential trips and community projects
  • developing opportunities for young people to lead
  • endless reward systems
  • developing dance/drama facilities that are able to foster involvement in performance, shows and concerts
  • being an emotionally healthy school

A School with integral links to the Ilminster Community by:

  • having shared buildings and resources with community groups
  • creating community opportunities for staff, local residents and young people
  • having a vital involvement with adult education
  • creating job opportunities, careers and work experience for local people
  • being a local hub for health care, medical provision and advice