A land filled with secrets and horror became the worst town to live in, no one ever made money there because of this. Except from a young loved family which was the king and queen, in fact they were the only beings living there. They have a young son, a boy in fact he was always the one to be making up lies, but was he?

It was that day that he went exploring far up to the wishing well where he wasn’t meant to be. He’s always wanted to be a young prince to be the ruler of Meadeville. “I want to know the secret!” he whispered to the well. “I’ve been waiting for you.” Answered a weird voice coming from the well. “If you want to know the secret, come down here sweetie, I’m your guardian don’t be afraid, I’ll guide you around everything.” So the boy followed the voice down deeper and deeper, into the shadows.

The aching sound in his ears made him nervous, more nervous than ever. He tried harder to stop the aching but…

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