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Once there lived a young poor boy named Zack. His parents sadly passed away. So he’s all alone on the streets every night he would usually have a lot of fun at the park. But people called him a tramp. One day he was playing on the park swings and someone came up to him and said “Oh my goodness you so need a shower you stink you TRAMP!” But an amazing thing happened a humongous dog scared the bully away with its extremely loud barking.


After the fight the owner of the dog came up to Zack and said “Hello Young Boy!”
“Umm Hello…” replied Zack.
“Where are your parents?” asked the women.
“They passed away,” said Zack.
“Are you fostered?” asked the women again.
“No,” Zack was feeling like he was about to cry but he held it
“Would you like to come home with me I will feed you I will send you to school to meet new friends and I’ll even let you go to other people’s Houses! What do you think?” replied the women. Zack thought it has always been his dream to do all of those things he said: “Can I have a few minutes to think about this?”
“Sure,” said the women “and also you can called me Karol.”
Zack thought and wanted this so he said…
“OF COURSE!!!” “And you can call me Zack”
“Come on then Zack,” said Karol Zack, Karol and the dog named Sunny walked to Karol’s Home It was like a mansion


A few weeks later, Karol was taking great care of Zack and was ready for him to go to school. One day in the morning when Zack came down stairs and sat down at the table Karol said “Do you want to start going to school because I’ve been looking at some and I’ve chosen one I think you might like but I don’t want to tell you I want it to be a surprise!”
“Umm…. Let me think about it YES!” demanded Zack!
So Zack ate his breakfast.
A few weeks later it was Zack’s first day! Zack was so excited he couldn’t wait! Finally it was time to go. Karol and Zack got in the car. They finally arrived the school looked amazing so Zack Karol on the cheek and said good bye and ran into the school.

This school was looked amazing Zack had settled already he loved it he went to the office and said
“Hello, I’m new here can you point me to my class?”
“What’s your name?” said the lady from the office.
“Zack HaxMore” whispered Zack.
“How Do you spell that?” Asked the office lady
“Z a c k h a x m o r e.” Zack Spelt.
“Your in room 63,” said the office lady.
“Thank you,” said Zack.

Zack looked on top of all the doors they all had different numbers after 5 minutes he finally found room 63 he knocked on the door someone said
“Come in,” Zack came in and said
“Hi I’m the new kid that’s supposed to be in your class.”
“Okay sit down wherever and my name is Miss Apple what’s yours?”
“Zack HaxMore,” replied Zack.
“Okay would you like to take a seat over there by Zoë?”
Zack walked over to the seat next to Zoe. Zoe had long blond hair and blue eyes and sat down but Zack was a bit nervous because he was new. An hour later it was time for Science
Zack followed everyone over to the Science room Mr. Hadding As soon as everyone sat down Mr. Hadding Said “Hello Class
Please sit down and talk to your table about why Science is important.

5 Minutes Later everyone had decided “321,” shouted Mr. Hadding “HA that was useless! OK now go over to a Jug.”
Suddenly a there was a knock on the door and some other school pupil said “Zack Haxmore please come with me to the office,” So Zack followed her out the door to the office there was Karol and said “Zack I need to talk to you…”