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Megan’s story

One famous pop star Chapter 1 There was once a young girl called Micha she was very poor she lived with her mum and dad in a thatched roof cottage. They were very happy though. [...]

The mystery of Tolimocho

The mystery of Tolimocho One lovely and extraordinary day in Tolimocho, all the people lived happily, sun bathing, swimming in the river and eating roast beef and wine in THE SWORD AND SHIELD. However not everyone [...]

Black Wrath by Luke

Please comment on what I can improve on. Peter, Harry, Pietro, Vincent, and Arthur watched as the sun rose above their heads-for they were in the village of Scottodale-right by MT Lermoor and the Gralem [...]

Millie’s story

Gone, but not all There in the empty village the bells rang out. Everything gone. Everything dead. Where was it all? Was there any life left? He woke up and looked around it was a [...]

Jess and Beth’s story

Please let me know what you thinkWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download The evil Jabawockey Chapter one The royal family had ruled the land for many centuries, and one of the myths they [...]

Writer’s club- Merryn and Bethan

Inspiration for our writing The market place was silent. No smoke came from the chimneys. No-one was in the streets, or in pubs and the warm glow of the village was put out [...]