Set Oak Academy work for Year 8 can be found below

  • Holes by Louis Sachar [Do lessons 4-5]
  • Watch the poetry videos and do the exercises. Can you now write a poem from one of the character’s points-of-view in  your class novel. Alternatively, you could base your poem on an environment from the text, e.g. the desert in Holes and District 12 or the Capitol in the Hunger Games [Do lessons 1-8]
  • Complete lessons 1-5, then as the final task, choose a character from your class novel to do a short memoir [Do lessons 1-5]
  • Grammar for writing [Do lessons 1-8]
  • Language skills in fiction – reading [Do lessons 1-4]
  • E-safety – Continue working through your E-safety unit of work; if you are in the middle of a task don’t continue it, start the next task.  Remember, you access this via Google Classroom – make sure that you log in using your account, not a personal account.
  • Knowing WOOD: In preparation for your final project in the Summer term, the Swan Box you need to watch the Wood video clip again and build on the knowledge that you already have from the Nodding Dog project. Find video clips about wood cutting machines, wood turning lathes and these wood joins – mitre/dovetail/finger join. You will be able to use some of these joins in your box project.