The mystery of Tolimocho


One lovely and extraordinary day in Tolimocho, all the people lived happily, sun bathing, swimming in the river and eating roast beef and wine in THE SWORD AND SHIELD. However not everyone was having fun because there was one little girl called Alvar, who was asleep in her straw bed, dreaming that she was being gobbled up by a fierce dragon. As she got munched on, that was what was happening outside! Everyone was being eaten by a flock of big, green, hungry dragons.

When Alvar woke up, she was confused because the town of Tolimocho isn’t usually quiet, but it was. As Alvar stepped outside she nearly collapsed. Everyone had disappeared! Even the animals! As she walked to her favourite place, the river Thatchi, she slumped on the bank and began to cry. Alvar ran to the tents and looked inside each and every one of them but not one had any living thing in it. Suddenly, Alvar heard the church bells ringing for 12 O’ clock, so she headed to the church.

“This is really scary! Where did everyone go?” Alvar questioned herself. “What am I suppose too do now without my family?”

Just then, Alvar heard a scream! What was it? Who screamed? It came from the vegetable shop so that’s the way Alvar went. To her surprise it was her best friend, Burden.

“I saw a dragon and he took my family,” panicked Burden.” Don’t worry I woke up and my whole village

was gone,” explained Alvar. So, they both set off together to investigate the mystery. Just then they saw a massive cave.