Gone, but not all
There in the empty village the bells rang out. Everything gone. Everything dead. Where was it all? Was there any life left? He woke up and looked around it was a mess. He had lost everything like water down a drain; he felt he just couldn’t survive. He stood up and wondered where his mother, father and sister had gone. Abandoning Hacon in the centre of the town was he alone or was there more life other than just him. He was sat staring at his poor house the only one left as rubble a deep thin hole underneath, no trace of parents ever living. Jack stumbled towards his broken house and reached for the old family photo. It was only him, no sister, and no mother, no father just him in the centre of the photograph. He stood crying how would he survive he couldn’t possibly. The thoughts of his family were gone nothing in the picture he couldn’t think. He pinched himself, nothing at all. He decided to venture away from the rubble. He came to the sword and shield. He couldn’t bear it any more. No more songs from Enile. He tried to remember. Was he the cause of sudden death and loss of Hacon’s memory? He sprinted to the river. HOOOOOWWWL!!! The spine chilling scream was ringing through Hacon’s brain. He ran. He tripped. He fainted. When Hacon awoke he was wrapped up in a neat blanket he wasn’t alone. As he stood up a small letter fell off the blanket it said:

Hello I am?
I found you here I have given you food and will until I feel safe to show my self
From ?

What do you think happens next?