One famous pop star

Chapter 1

There was once a young girl called Micha she was very poor she lived with her mum and dad in a thatched roof cottage. They were very happy though. But little Micha did have her own room and she had a small but nice garden but Micha wanted one more thing she wanted to be a pop star and everyone to know her and be a fan of her.

Chapter 2

Micha had loads of pictures and posters of pop stars she asked her mum with a smiley face “Mum do you think when I am older I could be a pop star?”

“Well…um…you could be anything when your older but it depends if you get on well at school” her mum replied softly.

“I am going to be really good at school now,” shouted Micha.

“Well don’t you do well anyway?” said her mum with her face straight.

“Maybe but I have to go now, bye.”

Micha was speaking to herself in her room all night.

The next morning she woke up in a big hall she thought ‘This is definitely not my room where am I?’

A voice said “Welcome to the concert what will you be singing for us??”

“Umm.. Well I’m not….”

“If you don’t know we will ask your mum because your mum should know that you’ve been practising” the man said.

‘Mum where’s mum?’

Micha saw her mum waving at her she was back stage.

She yelled “Mum!”

The man interrupted and said “Off you go the stage is all yours”

So Micha went on singing and then after everyone cheered and clapped then she noticed judges they said nice comments and said she’s a pop star and she’s through!!!!!!!! The next day Micha was all over the world in the news and newspaper every one of them!!!!!!!!!! So that’s how micha became a pop star!!!