Arrangements for arrival and departure

Please arrange for your child to arrive at school no earlier than 8.45 a.m. Upon arrival, they should go directly to the side entrance. At 8.45 a.m. a bell will ring and all pupils should enter the building via the locker room or cloakroom and then go to tutor bases to prepare for the morning. By 8.55 a.m., pupils should be seated ready for registration. At the end of the school day, all pupils not using school transport should leave the building via the locker room or cloakroom. Year 5 and Year 7 will be dismissed at 3.25 p.m. every day.

School Bus

At the end of the school day pupils using school transport should make their way promptly to the hall. They should sit silently, in their designated line, until the teacher on duty asks them to make their way out to the bus. On the bus, pupils should quickly settle into their allocated seats and put on their seat belts. We expect sensible behaviour on school transport;  the driver has County’s authority and is in charge.

Emergency Contacts

If it is necessary for the school buses to leave school early – for example if weather conditions are likely to make roads impassable – it is not practical to contact each parent direct.  We therefore have emergency contacts in the villages.  In the case of deteriorating weather, please do not attempt to contact the school number, except Stocklinch and Dowlish Wake/Chillington/Cudworth, but telephone your local contact who will have been briefed about the situation.   The local contacts are:

  • Route C164A – The Seavingtons – Mrs G. Ash – 01460 242457 or 07730567101
  • Route C051C –  Shepton Beauchamp –  Mrs. C. Pattisson – 01460 241396 or 07790 364790
  • Route 192B – Ilton  –  Mrs E Westcott  01460 55678
  • Route 192B – Barrington, Puckington – Contact the School –  01460 52431
  • Route 052B – Stocklinch –  Contact the School –  01460 52431
  • Route C194 -Dowlish Wake, Chillington, Cudworth – Contact the School –  01460 52431

Arrival by Car

Pupils who are delivered by car should be dropped in the car park opposite Tesco. Please do not bring your car into the turning/parking space in front of the school or the car park at the rear of the school between 3.20 p.m. and 3.40 p.m. in the afternoon when buses are picking up pupils. If you drive to the school please help to avoid congestion by following the unofficial one-way system in the main driveway. Please do not attempt to park in the no waiting zone marked along Ditton Street as this makes it difficult for the crossing patrol.

Cycling to School

Children are welcome to ride their bike or scooters to school. If they are to do this, we recommend that parents take all necessary arrangements to ensure that children are safe. For example, wearing a helmet and deciding on a safe route to school that minimises use of roads. It is also suggested that children bring a bicycle lock in order to ensure their bike is safely secured. The school does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage. A bike shed is available at the rear of the school, accessed via the car park opposite Tescos.