The big flood Chapter one

One ordinary day in Hiculberry, two little girls (Ava and Olivia) skipped to the park when suddenly there was a storm. It started to rain, it started to pour, the two girls got scared and ran home to where it was dry and warm. Once the girls had got back home, told their mother what had happened, their mother packed the bags, gathered the family but she forgot the baby who was just rolling around in her cot. The family travelled and travelled until they found a safe place in another town when they remembered Blossom their youngest family member, so they ran back to the village but they were too late the storm had already begun, immediately the water began to rise, a flood had started to form…

Chapter two

The town was empty. 5 years later the town was still empty.10 year past since the flood and no one had discovered the vast open town. Blossom had grown up and survived the flood because of the strong, secure house that her father had built; she had forgotten her loving family. All that she could remember was her favourite toy Gumball that was still in her tiny cot. Blossom was now 11 years old and had no clue where she was and who she was! Eventually she overcame her fears and she took one big step out of the old crooked house. Blossom was confused there was no one in the town she thought she was dreaming but when she pinched herself she knew she wasn’t.