Mr Mark Walker

  • Teacher of Food Technology
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead

Senior Team

Mr Mark Lees (On secondment for the Spring Term)

  • Senior Teacher
  • Teacher of P.E, English and Food Tech

Dr Spencer Watts

  • Senior Teacher
  • Teacher of Science, History and ICT

Miss Helen Ingram

  • Associate Senior Teacher
  • Teacher of Performing Arts and Geography

Dr Judith Hattersley

  • Associate Senior Teacher
  • Teacher of French and History

Subject Leaders

Miss Alison Rose

  • Subject Leader for Art and Design

Mr Andrew Whitfield

  • Subject Leader of KS2 Humanities
  • Teacher of Year 5

Mrs Julia Oaten

  • Subject Leader of KS2 English and Year 5
  • Teacher of Year 5

Mr Luke Scadding

  • Subject Leader for DT

Mr Mark Hodder

  • Subject Leader for KS3 Geography and R.E

Mrs Rebecca Perratt

  • Subject Leader for Maths

Ms Samantha Smith

  • Subject Leader for Science

Teaching Staff

Miss Harriet Kelly

  • Teacher of P.E

Mrs Liz Baker 

  • Teacher of English

Mrs Michaela Sharman

  • Teacher of Maths

Mrs Melanie Aylward

  • Teacher of English

Miss Rachel Cox

  • Teacher of Year 5

Mrs Zoe Cameron

  • Teacher of Maths
  • Tutor of Able Pupils

Support Staff

Mrs Emma Bale

  • LSA 1:1 Support

Mrs Abigail Millard

  • Apprentice Teaching Assistant for Years 6 and 7
  • (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Mrs Elaine Mee

  • Covering for Abigail Millard

Mrs Bev Tratt

  • HLTA for English Speech and Language

Mrs Carol Warry

  • LSA
  • In class support TA
  • Learning and Progress Tutor

Miss Zara Dopson

  • LSA
  • In class support TA

Mr David McMeakin

  • HLTA for Maths

Mrs Debbie Harvey

  • Pupil Support
  • Attendance
  • Medical

Mrs Katie Smith

  • Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Mr Mark Raven

  • Pupil Support
  • Behavioural assessment
  • BVPT

Mr Nicholas Boyland

  • LSA
  • Cover Supervisor
  • Tutor

Mrs Rachel Perkins 


Mrs Sarah Chown

  • LSA Nurture Base 1:1 Support

Administration Staff

Mrs Ann Kivett

  • School Secretary
  • Head’s PA

Mrs Alison McGown

  • Reprographics
  • Uniform
  • Receptionist
  • First Aider

Miss Claire Haskell-Wood

  • Data Manager

Mrs Flo Montgomery

  • Science Technician
  • Receptionist
  • EVS

Mrs Jane Hawkins 

  • DT and Art Technician

Miss Joanne Read

  • Receptionist
  • Assistant Finance Officer

Mr Peter Dymel

  • ICT Network Technician

Mrs Sue Spurway

  • Office and Finance Manager

Site Staff

Mrs Jo Gray

  • Caretaker

Mr John Cutts

  • Assistant Caretaker

Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Mrs Linda Oakes
  • Mr Peter Dymel
  • Mrs Katie Smith
  • Mrs Abigail Millard
  • Mrs Elaine Mee

Crossing Patrol Staff

Mrs Felicity Windsor

  • Crossing Patrol

Mr John Cutts

  • Crossing Patrol

Mrs Linda Oakes

  • Crossing Patrol