At Swanmead Community School we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the care that we extend to all our pupils.

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About Swanmead School

Swanmead Community School is a 9-13 Middle school with 270 pupils serving the town of Ilminster and its surrounding villages and hamlets in South Somerset.

The School Prospectus

The School Prospectus for 2014 – 2015 can be downloaded here. Should you wish to receive a paper copy, please either phone the School (01460 – 52431) or email us at

Introduction to the School

The booklet an “Introduction to the School” details the information a parent needs to know regarding their child attending Swanmead and can be downloaded by clicking on the above link.

Headteacher’s welcome

Headteacher Welcome

We are a popular, caring and happy school for girls and boys aged 9-13 years. Here at Swanmead we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the care that we extend to all our pupils.

We provide our young people with challenging and stimulating learning opportunities that enables each of them to grow in confidence and develop attitudes and skills towards the challenges they face in today’s world. You can tell a great school as soon as you walk through the door and I encourage you to visit us to feel the sense of warmth, commitment and excellence we provide to our children.

We pride ourselves on promoting traditional values such as honesty, respect and politeness, as well as enjoying the latest technology, teaching methods and resources. However, above all, we want our children to be happy, have confidence and possess a real zest for life. I welcome you all to our School Community and look forward to working with you in the best interests of your children and the futures they have ahead of them.

Mark Walker

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Young Writers’ Work to be Published

Young Writers

Some great news for Year 5 pupils Molly Conway and Lara Summerscales. The two girls submitted their mini sagas as part of a national writing competition called ‘Once Upon a Time’. Following the hundreds of entries from all over the country, both Molly and Lara have received letters explaining that their sagas are to be published. The book, due for release in August 2015, is called ‘Once upon a Time’ and the girls, along with the school, will be sent a copy of the publication. I informed the school of the girls’ success in assembly on Tuesday, 2nd June 2015 and presented them with their certificates. What a fantastic achievement – we’re all very proud of them! Congratulations girls on your published work.


The Zodiac Stones
By Molly Conway (9)
The book toppled off the shelf, catching the detective’s eye. ‘Seems ordinary,’ he murmured, but it was too obvious. He blew the dust off the book. Then, slowly, cautiously, he opened it. He gasped. Was this the key to the code? Inside the book there were no pages. Instead there were eleven green stones, each giving off a surge of energy. The detective learnt that the dead man had been on a quest. He knew he had to save time and space. There was one more zodiac stone to find. The detective knew he had to complete the quest.


A Mystery Never To Be Solved
By Lara Summerscales (9)
One snowy winter’s day in older Germany, everyone was gathering in the local bar. The maiden, Mildred, who was giving out the beers, was having a hard time, rushing back and forth, giving everyone beer and brandy. Tab, the cat, who was comfortably dozing on the stove, gave a miaow as the door swung open. In came Taylor. The people gasped, for Taylor’s hairy chest was bleeding! Mildred dashed over to Taylor and bandaged him up. As Mildred was doing this, the people begged him to tell them how his chest came to bleed. Just then a stranger came in…

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